Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nothing Foretold Anything

The next book you read is going to be The Slynx, by Tatyana Tolstaya. Trust me on this. Your bookstore or library might not have it in stock, so you'll have to be patient while they order it. It's worth the wait.

(You were not expecting this book.)

Once it's in your hands, get yourself to a nice, quiet spot with no distractions. Wait till the kids are in bed or whatever, because this book requires that you

If you don't, you will miss something vital, and I know you don't want that to happen.

Before you know it you'll be smiling out loud, if you get me; looking around to see who you can pull into your pleasure, but you can't, it's your own private joke--
only, it's not really a joke--
and it keeps getting better.

At first, you don't know what's going on or where you are, what you're reading, you just know that it's wicked and funny in a way you've not experienced before, and that you can't stop reading.

Later, some things become clear and more get muddy, messy, ugly--it doesn't matter, you're hooked, you're sunk.

Enough--enough. It's your turn. Enjoy.

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